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Cluster Headache Causes & Treatments

cluster headache

Cluster headaches are characterized in cyclical patterns or clusters — which gives the condition its name. Cluster headaches are known to be one of the most painful types of headaches. Those that suffer from this type of headache come to know them as the "alarm clock headache" because it commonly awakens you in the middle of the night with intense pain in or around the eye on one side of your head.

Cluster headaches tend to last the longest with episodes lasting from weeks to months.  These frequent attacks, known as cluster periods, are usually followed by remission periods when the headache attacks stop completely. During remission, no headaches occur for months and sometimes even years.

Cluster headaches are extremely rare and not life-threatening.  Treatments have been successful at reducing the length of attacks and minimizes their severity.  Furthermore, preventive medications can help reduce the number of cluster headaches.

Common Causes

It is unknown what causes cluster headaches, however abnormalities in the hypothalamus have been consistant with cluster headache sufferers.  There is a regularity in the times of day these headaches occur over a 24-hour period, and they reoccur during same seasons of the year.  The connection between the time and seasonal reoccurance is what leads scientist to believe the hypothalamus is the source for these headaches.  The traditional triggers that are associated with other types of headaches are not a factor with cluster headaches.

Common Treatments

There are a variety of treatment options used to treat cluster headaches and each have a variety of effectiveness depending on the patient and severity.  Many of them require medical supervision because they are injection based procedures or inhalants.   Many of these procedures need to be used with caution because of complications with other health conditions and medications.

Those procedures include:

  • Oxygen therapy
  • Injection based procedures 
  • Nasal Spray/Inhaleants 
  • Prescription Pain Killers

MiRx Treatment for Cluster Headaches

MiRx Protocol and the FDA cleared Tx360® targets the same nerve clusters as prescription inhaleants and nasal sprays, however this is clinically tested to be more effective due to the 90% accuracy of the Tx360®.  This accuracy will provide faster and more effective pain relief.  To learn more about the MiRx Protocol contact a provider near you. 

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Living with Headaches:
Solutions that Work

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.