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Why Migraines Happen - Is There a Reason?

Why Migraines Happen - Is There a Reason?

Understanding the cause of migraines can give us a better sense of how to avoid them and how to treat them. Even if we can't completely rid ourselves of migraine symptoms, we may be able to reduce their severity and/or frequency by taking simple steps of avoidance. Note that it's necessary to seek the advice of a licensed physician to ensure your headaches don't worsen and are treated with the best medical care.

Migraine Source

There are two different ways to look at what causes migraines: common triggers and physiology. Triggers for migraines include caffeine, the menstrual cycle, hunger, and certain types of food additives. However, the list goes on and is incredibly broad in scope, including strong emotions, physical exercise, and even orgasms.

Looking at the physiology of the body during a migraine, we can better understand the migraine source. Unfortunately, medical researchers are still unsure regarding the root cause of migraines. What is known is that prior to the migraine, blood vessels in the brain contract – they become "tighter" in a sense. During the migraine itself, however, dilation (expansion) occurs in those same vessels.

Scientists have analyzed migraine symptoms extensively over the years, and two specific theories related to their root cause are noteworthy. Some headache researchers think that low levels of serotonin generate the attacks. Others believe migraines are specifically rooted in estrogen imbalances. The latter idea is plausible because women are more likely to get migraines than men are.

At-Home Migraine Relief

Again, bear in mind that these techniques are not medical advice. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that both feverfew and concerted efforts at relaxation have been effective for some individuals. Feverfew is an herb that is similar in some ways to chamomile. It contains chemicals that can possibly prevent migraines, according to research.

Some head pain can also be alleviated with a systematic muscle-relaxation process. To try this method, find a place away from any distractions for a five-minute period. Moving from your forehead down to your shoulders, contract and then relax each group of muscles. This physical stress-reduction strategy is called "progressive relaxation."

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Living with Headaches:
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The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.