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Healthy Foods to Prevent Headache Symptoms

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Healthy Foods to Prevent Headache Symptoms

When we discuss migraines and food, we often focus on what's dangerous for those who suffer headaches. In other words, triggers of head pain – such as alcohol, caffeine, and aged cheeses – are generally the point of focus. However, the relationship between migraines and food is not just about avoidance. It's also about packing your body with nutrients, building up your body's defenses against headaches.

Below, we will look at four elements that can help those with chronic headaches achieve diet-based migraine prevention. Then we will discuss one option for migraine treatments as well.

How to Prevent Migraines: Hydration & Anti-Inflammatories

First of all, to be clear, no food or liquid can be considered a cure for migraines. However, targeting certain symptoms that tend to precede and accompany headaches – dehydration and inflammation – may help avoid specific instances and decrease the intensity of attacks.
4 parts of a migraine-prevention diet:

  1. Water – Lack of proper hydration often triggers headaches. Essentially, you don't want to wait to get thirsty. Once you are thirsty, you are playing catch-up. Health advocate Joy Bauer suggests that a woman should get over half a gallon a day of water, while a man should get over ¾ gallon a day. Also, caffeinated and sweetened liquids should be avoided because they counteract the effect.
  2. Fish oil & olive oil – Omega-3's, found in fish oil and flaxseed oil, help to decrease the inflammation in your body. Fresh wild salmon is recommended specifically by Joy Bauer, who says she eats it twice a week. Olive oil's monounsaturated fat is capable of scaling back head pain as well.
  3. Riboflavin (B2) – Figuring out how to prevent headaches is not just about avoiding some foods and consuming more of others. It's also about how different nutrients work together. Specifically, 400 mg of riboflavin per day can help you with cellular metabolism and energy levels. However, you need the entire B complex in order for B2 to function effectively. Vitamin pills are a great choice.
  4. Magnesium – This nutrient can be a strong one to have on your side when determining how to prevent headaches. It's especially helpful during times of major hormonal shifts, such as menstruation. Spinach and sweet potatoes are common sources.

How to Prevent Migraines: Long-Term Solutions

Migraine Treatments: MiRx Protocol™ is a combination of symptomatic treatment – featuring a nasal spray alternative to sustained pill-taking  -- and biomechanical therapy. This dual approach gives you access to a safe and effective medication, while also utilizing dietary, "alternative," and lifestyle techniques. Chick Here Find a provider near you, or ask your own physician about MiRx today.


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Living with Headaches:
Solutions that Work

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.