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Best Protocols for Treating Migraines & Headaches

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Best Protocols for Treating Migraines & Headaches

Everyone has experienced head pain from time to time, but if you are one of the many people suffering from migraine ( puts the number at 37 million), you are probably experiencing an inordinate amount of headache-like symptoms. In addition, you may have grown accustomed to the other symptoms of migraine, such as nausea, lightheadedness, and light sensitivity. You may have spent years trying to determine safe and effective migraine treatments.

In recent years, the pain of migraine has become a topic of national discussion. As Forbes notes, we even have a National Migraine Awareness Month (June), intended to draw attention to the disorder.

The objective behind establishing the awareness month was to increase the understanding that when a person experiences migraine, it goes beyond simple head pain into the realm of a serious life interruption. Migraines can even be a source of disability, and migraine treatments are desperately needed by afflicted individuals (about ¾ of whom are women, says headache expert Dr. Larry Robbins).

The search for the best migraine protocols

Finding the most effective defense against migraines can be extraordinarily confusing and frustrating, as described in the blog War on Headaches.

Part of the issue is that doctors are accustomed to prescribing medications to treat illnesses, but as the Forbes report indicates, the use of pills to treat migraines is not a viable long-term solution. We all know that side-effects often accompany prescription drugs and that pain medications can be particularly dangerous for the liver, stomach, and other organs. Alternative migraine treatments are not just desired but necessary.

Some of the most effective migraine treatments are ones that anyone can administer on a personal level. Putting on dark sunglasses when you go out in the middle of the day is a start, but what makes a real impact is getting extraordinarily healthy. Control what you can by scheduling your days. Get a good amount of sleep during the same set timeframe each night, eat at specific times so you never get hungry, work out on a regular basis, and try stress reduction techniques such as meditation.

All in all, migraine protocols work best when they incorporate a range of short-term pain suppression and long-term pain prevention strategies. That's the philosophy behind MiRx Protocol. Combining a breakthrough medical component with a full spectrum of all-natural physical (biomechanical) approaches, MiRx can systematically make your pain a distant memory.

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Living with Headaches:
Solutions that Work

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.