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5 things that can help you avoid Triggers

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5 things that can help you avoid Triggers

Headaches and migraines can be frustrating because it’s unclear exactly what their medical causes are. However, risk factors – elements that increase the likelihood of occurrence – are known. In migraine and headache terminology, these factors are called the “triggers” for headaches. Though headache or migraine triggers differ from person to person, understanding them can help ward off the head pain.

Triggers for Headaches: Identification & Avoidance

According to WebMD, living with migraines and chronic headaches is about management. A number of proactive measures can help keep either type of health condition at bay. Try the following 5 techniques (1):

Create a headache diary. Much like a food journal recommended by a nutritionist, a headache diary will help you better understand your headache or migraine triggers. Here are basic elements that you should include:

  • Foods and beverages you consume
  • Exercise schedule and time of day
  • How you feel and any updates on your health
  • Temperature and precipitation (both of which can be triggers for headaches)
  • Anything stressful that happens
  • Time and severity of migraines or headaches
  • Medication taken and level of effectiveness.

Maintain excellent health. Though it may sound daunting, the general principles of healthful living will keep you away from the likelihood of migraines and headaches. Get plenty of sleep, exercise on a regular basis, and eat balanced meals at predictable intervals.

Stay away from trigger foods (2). Another dietary change is to remove the most common foods that can act as headache or migraine triggers. Those “usual culprits” include excess salt, anything processed, aged cheese, aspartame, MSG (monosodium glutamate), coffee, and alcohol.

Relax. Hopefully it is good news that relaxation can make migraines and headaches more unlikely. Systematically practicing stress management techniques will increase your chance of success (3).

Nix the nicotine. One of the best ways to rid yourself of headache and migraine triggers is to avoid smoke. Quit smoking yourself, and get away from environments where secondhand smoke is rampant.

Triggers for headaches can be difficult to pinpoint. However, taking proactive measures can be extremely helpful. The most crucial piece of advice above is the headache diary. That component, over time, will help you narrow down what the most important lifestyle changes are for you to avoid triggers.

Avoidance, however, is not always the fastest or most effective way to treat head pain. Pills can provide relief, but many worry about the side effects. A revolutionary treatment is now available through a nationwide network of licensed physicians: MiRx Protocol™. If you want long-term relief that is simple as a nasal spray, reach out today to one of our expert providers.


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Living with Headaches:
Solutions that Work

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.

The MiRx™ Protocol is made up of two parts that first stops the reaction of the nervous system, the medical component; then treats and rehabilitates.